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Firma zajmująca się sprzątaniem we Wrocławiu

Our mission

How do chemical substances we use at home affect the water? What happens when they are used in industrial quantities and we are responsible for cleaning offices, warehouses, or halls?

The goal we have set for ourselves is the complete withdrawal of chemical detergents from our work. We implement modern methods of cleaning, such as NanoTechnologySilver and we clean with mineral-free water, without any fluids, agents, or acids. We raise our customers’ awareness of the fact that we can have a big impact on the reduction of hazardous substances that we pour into the pipes or apply onto cleaned surfaces.

Only through our joint efforts a clean environment can be ensured. Let’s focus on ecological cleaning and promote a healthy and natural lifestyle. What’s more, cleaning the offices with our methods provides a hypoallergenic working environment.

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Frequently asked questions

Before setting the price for the cleaning service, we offer our future clients a visit in their place, where we can assess the scope of work and the number of employees needed to perform the service. We take into account: the area, type of the surface, frequency of cleaning, location, as well as additional suggestions or wishes of a client.

When we already know everything we need to know, we send an offer to a client by email. After the contract has been concluded, we start the service: cleaning offices, cleaning windows, cleaning warehouses and halls, post-construction cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, cleaning carpets and floor coverings.
We are eco-friendly, therefore we use devices and tools that are manufactured with the highest environmental protection standards. Our stock of machines is equipped by the Swiss company Wetrok – a leading leader and manufacturer of equipment for cleaning companies. We also use tools and cleaning cloths produced by the Polish company Raypath International – a pioneer in innovative and eco-friendly solutions.
Our company does not provide services during the weekend. In exceptional situations and for temporary works, we can work on Sunday, after consultations with our team. Extra services such as cleaning the offices, extra cleaning of warehouses, post-construction cleaning, or cleaning the windows are priced individually and if the period of work covers the weekend, we charge an extra fee.

We do not provide cleaning services for apartments and houses for individual clients.

We do not clean outside areas, and we do not provide services to housing communities or associations. In situations when we are employed for cleaning of the internal surfaces which are adjacent to external areas, before setting the price we ask our future clients if we can share the assignment with our partner companies that provide services of green areas cleaning.

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Firma zajmująca się sprzątaniem we Wrocławiu


Firma zajmująca się sprzątaniem we Wrocławiu


Firma zajmująca się sprzątaniem we Wrocławiu


We are aware of the importance of a good atmosphere at work.

We know all about deadlines what were due yesterday, about meetings and about the fact that the most serious problems may appear at the least appropriate time. In moments when there is so much to do that you can hardly breathe, we take care of the cleanness of your office and the comfort of your employees.

We perform our tasks with all our hearts because we like it when everything is clean and in the right place.

Cleaning offices, cleaning warehouses and halls, and even cleaning windows requires a professional preparation and trained team. Our task is to free the clients of thinking about cleaning so that they can focus on their work in the comfort that we create. We make every effort to ensure that there are no complaints or unfavourable comments about our cleaning service. Cleaning company MrOffice is a team of people highly committed to what they do, who are able to flexibly adapt to any work environment. We are aware of the importance of a proper cleaning of offices, that is why we are grateful for each comment, good or bad, because they allow us to improve the quality of our services.

Another important thing, that may convince you to use our services is the fact that we clean with the use of NanoTechnologySilver, without harmful chemicals – we do not waste water, we clean with it. Thanks to that we create safe working conditions in the office for people with allergies.

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Our history

  1. The story starts with the phone-call of one of the directors of the real estate company ATENA in Wroclaw. During the call, a student of the University of Wroclaw was offered to clean the building. He accepted the offer. After a few days a contract for the service was signed.
  2. Three months later, he was offered to perform a similar task in another two buildings. Because the combination of studying and the growing load of work was becoming too overwhelming for one person, today’s owner of MrOffice decided to hire the first person to clean the tenement houses.
  3. He started investing the money he had earned and saved into the development of the website and advertisement in Panorama Firm.
  4. Internet advertising allowed him to gain a new client: the producer of the movie “Anonyma, an Unknown Woman”. The Polish-German movie provided our company with a large financial injection, thanks to which we were able to purchase cleaning machines.
  5. The post-construction cleaning of AquaPark Wrocław allowed us to be tested for the first time on such large surfaces.
  6. As a result of the positive assessment of our work at AquaPark Wroclaw, we were recommended to clean the newly created animal shelter in Wroclaw.
  7. In 2011, we successfully organized an ecological contest for primary schools, with the main prize of computers, photo cameras and logical and educational games. CEL
  8. In the years 2009-2012, we participated in cleaning and servicing of the construction of the Wroclaw Stadium. The unusual atmosphere that accompanied us in this task allowed us to gain new customers and expand the range of our services. The cooperation with MaxBogl, successfully completed just before the Euro 2012, allowed our company to spread its wings and enter new markets.
  9. We are transforming into a limited liability company under the name MrOffice.
  10. We carried out a post-construction cleaning of the Wroclavia shopping center, as well as the newly opened PKS Wroclaw Bus Station.
  11. An online platform for ordering goods and office equipment is being created thanks to which we will be able to shorten the delivery and ordering time to 48 hours.