How do we clean?

At MrOffice, we rely on the values that nowadays are the basis for the development of ecological and sustainable companies that state in their portfolios that they truly care for nature and future generations. The services we provide for our clients are based on NanoTechnologySilver.

This is a modern and innovative method that is used in the production of cleaners, cloths, mops and other tools for cleaning offices, washing windows, and cleaning warehouses and halls without the use of harmful chemicals. Cleaning cloths used by MrOffice are made of special fibers and microfibers, which enable cleaning of any surface regardless of the type of dirt, by using water alone, without any detergents.

Recipients of our services are provided with a hypoallergenic working environment, and they are not exposed to inhalation of harmful chemicals. Cleaning offices without chemicals is also safe for our employees, whose health is not threatened. Cleaning windows or entire offices using NanoTechnologySiver ensures a lack of streaks while the use of an anti-static glove ensures a free of dust surface, up to 3 weeks.

The cleaning cloths that we use are produced by a Polish company, which – like MrOffice – puts special attention to the protection of the health of their employees and the natural environment. MrOffice’s team are periodically trained, which allows them to update their knowledge acquired over the years of cleaning offices. We pass on our passion and joy to each person who entrusted us with cleaning their facility without the use of chemicals.

 Join our team and help us take care of the environment!