Is it possible to clean offices, in Wrocław, without using harsh detergents?

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Is it possible to clean offices, in Wrocław, without using harsh detergents?

Recently we are becoming acquainted with cleaning agents with ecological particles as a base. They aid to clean offices and surfaces and do not contain a variety of potentially irritating ingredients.

I have tried already the cooperation with different producers of cleaning agents, but every time our teamwork ended with fine advertisement and just talking. Ecological cleaning agents did not operate or did not meet the requirements of our working teams.

Existing impurities as: smudges, stains, tarnishes, rust and other dirt could be removed by a high quality professionally made cleaning liquid that contains acids or other components.

As a chief executive officer in MrOffice I was, and still I am, highly decisive and resolved to introduce the innovational solutions that can give firm and unquestionable safety and hygiene in the workplace to our colleagues who do the cleaning job. It means that when we take care of ourselves then we provide at the same time freedom from anxiety for our clients whom we do not want to expose to contact with harmful materials that cause skin problems or allergies.

Unfortunately, not many of us consider what does happen with the surface which was spritzed with the liquid for washing furniture, for example with widely used and known the cleaning agent Pronto. The substantial majority of people are convinced that washed surface is neat. In fact, the layer of washed surface is cleansed to some degree, but there are still damaging detergents and they had accumulated by years, so we touch and inhale them. Being conscious of existing dangers I was looking for answers. The outcome of the situation appeared on its own .

In July 2017 my friend Kazia called me and asked: “Have you heard about washing tools such as cleaners which can be put to use for washing large surfaces only with water, without any chemical agents ?”

In the first place, I thought that it was unlikely to be true and I said to her that it was rather impossible. But I was fortunate because Kazia was stubborn. She called me every few days suggesting we could meet and have an informal conversation. Finally, I agreed, but with one condition: the product ought to be seen not only by me, but by all fellow workers of MrOffice, as well. After making some phone calls we succeeded in gathering together in one of the offices in Wrocław. And then “enchanting cleaners” were tested by MrOffice. The short talk about the firm took place and then the description and presentation of the set of implements for cleaning. We were astonished, the result of the trial was beyond all expectations. The impression was so powerful that I simply became speechless, similarly as the rest of the cleaning company MrOffice. The cleaners, the mops for wiping floors, the gloves for cleaning in the office and removing dust were doing away with every dirt, and what’s more, the equipment was successfully dealing with every impurity without the backing of any chemical substances, but only with the use of PURE WATER!

We, as a cleaning business firm, have to express our concern about health and wellbeing of others, not only of our workers, but also of our clients. We decided to try out the Nano Technology Silver System in one of the bigger offices, and this method of cleaning works wonderfully. The crucial thing is that we are using now the cleaners of the Nano Technology Silver Raypath System instead of detergents that are chemical substances. Our cleaning activities are supported by using citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. We can see first saved money that serve for purchasing the cleaning set every month. I would like to add that the price of the equipment can be estimated as too high by one who is a non professional in a field of cleaning. But the truth is that this impression is misleading. We can see very clearly the amount of detergents which we were pouring into sewage during twelve months from the office surface area, e.g. 100 square meters, and I can say with total responsibility that after introducing the Nano Technology Silver Raypath System benefits the environment and the company’s budget as well.

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