Cleaning carpets and furniture


Cleaning the carpets and extra cleaning the floor coverings in your office. Each time, we pay a free of charge visit to a client’s location to set the price of the carpet or floor covering cleaning. Thanks to modern cleaning methods we can offer:

  • Washing and cleaning carpets and floor coverings (temp. up to 95 C)
  • Washing upholstered furniture
  • Stain removal
  • Removal of mites and allergens
  • Removal of bad odours
  • Fast drying process
  • Protection against re-staining

The service of carpet or furniture cleaning is done on-site or in our stationary laundry.

We have mastered cleaning the carpets in schools and kindergartens, and extra cleaning of carpets and furniture to perfection. Our ten-year experience allows us to use the carpet cleaning technologies that remove stains of coffee, wine, spilled oil or other stains forever. We are not limited by the size of the area.

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