Post-construction/post-renovation cleaning


Have you had a renovation? Do you need post-construction cleaning? In our cleaning company we know very well that each renovation or construction means a lot of mess. Thanks to modern tools that we use when cleaning after renovation, our clients can be sure that they will receive a high-quality service. Our employees have the required experience and years of practice in cleaning newly built facilities. Each time, the service of cleaning after construction is priced individually. For post-construction cleaning and the additional cleaning, we use natural detergents that are harmless to the environment and to the surface being cleaned. Taking into account the fact that cleaning after renovation requires a lot of water, we propose our clients that for cleaning surfaces such as walls in halls, walls in warehouses, large windows or facades based, mineral-free water is used. This technology ensures that the post-construction cleaning is safe and does not cause damage to the newly built surfaces. Post-construction cleaning based on these technologies is safe for people with allergies. The scope of post-construction cleaning services includes:

  • Cleaning tiles and flat surfaces
  • Cleaning surfaces protected with resin
  • Cleaning metal structures
  • Cleaning pipes
  • Cleaning toilets
  • Cleaning the windows and glass surfaces
  • Dust removal
  • Removal of stains from paints, solvents and oils
  • Vacuuming floor coverings
  • Application of protective polymers
  • Other services that will allow you to give the object turnkey

We have provided post-construction cleaning services for: Logos

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