The firm that cleans furniture

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The firm that cleans furniture

You have just rent the office and you are not glad about this fact because the furniture smells unpleasantly. It seems to be mould. In spite of the bad smell it does not mean that you ought to buy new furniture. There are quite a lot of methods for getting rid of repulsive smells. There are many kinds of air fresheners and other chemical smell absorbers. Sometimes it is worth to try “shamanistic techniques” which for sure can be viewed as cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

If there is mouldy odour inside a wardrobe then buying a small carton of cheapest milk in the nearest shop can be competently helpful. Milk should be boiled and then tipped into a plate, afterwards it ought to be put in a wardrobe, in the end not forgetting to close a wardrobe’s door. We must wait until milk will be lukewarm, then we tip it and wash a plate. If there is not a positive result the activity may be repeated. It happens that the smell is so strong and distinctive that milk may be boiled even four times. You will be surprised how effective that approach is. Milk will not hide a mouldy flavour, but will absorb it for ever.

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